Negative ions technology
Neutral pH7.0
All in one, cleans, films and polishes

Environmentally friendly organic solvents, surfactants, antibacterial agents
Unique pH 7.0 neutral formula that is not harmful to your hands
Per application can last 3 months
Easy DIY. Save time, water and money
Does not contain abrasives and alcohol components that harm the
   surface of the your car
Negative ion silicon film uses antistatic ingredients to reduce the
   impact of  oxidation by sunshine and acid rain.
S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6
Test and Certificate
SS1 Super Shiny Spray is great for all electronics products and household furniture that require cleansing and polishing. Specially designed for luxurious cleaning of both car interiors and exteriors. After using SS1 Super Shiny on golf ball, it can effectively reduce wind resistance, and increase the duration of air distance.
Designed Exclusively for
SS1 250ml-1a SS1 250ml-2a SS1 250ml-3a SS1 250ml-4a SS1 250ml-5a SS1 250ml-6a SS1 250ml-7a SS1 250ml-8a(1) SS1 250ml-9a
Sixth Element Super Shiny SS1 Ionfilm is great for glass, metal, leather and wooden furniture. Certified by SGS RoHS; Neutral pH7.0, gentle to the skin. Guaranteed NT 50 million dollars liability insurance. Easy to use revolutionary product that cleans, films and polishes all at once.
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