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Sixth Element Corporation was established in 1988 as one of the major player in the audio sales industries. In 1995, Sixth Element uses German Quantum Technology in audio system, which resulted in better upgraded electrical conductivity in power lines, signal lines, speaker wires, etc. The Quantum Technology improved the 3D sound, making it more delicate and crystal clear. In 1996, intensive R&D was conducted on Sixth Element products for usage on different applications in different industries to support energy-saving programs and to export Sixth Element products worldwide.

We welcome OBM/ OEM or ODM projects as we have been offering private label solutions to companies both locally & worldwide. Out vast experiences in the latest Quantum, Negative ions and Rare Element Lanthanum products will help you to create professional looking products. Our team of creative experts can advise and assist in the design and creation of artwork and labels.

For further details, please email us at and we shall be glad to assist you.
    Product & Technology Milestones

  Application of Sixth Element product to audio systems.

1996  R&D on different applications, Launching of Black PowerChip in the market.

2007  Launching of Black PowerBar.

2008 Launching of Blue PowerBar and Blue PowerChip. Blue PowerChip obtained Appearance Design Patent.

2010 Launching of Green PowerBar.

2011  T1 PowerChip, T5 PowerChip, Red PowerBar and Red PowerChip full series products launched in the market.

2012  T1 and T5 obtained Appearance Design Patent and products warranty period extended to 10 years.
Become an authorized OEM for others well-known brands as well as manufacture Sixth Element products.

2013  Launching of Anion high-energy products, a combination of fashion, health, sports, safe and non-toxic products certified by SGS.

2014 Launching of Sixth Element SS1 Universal Super Shiny revolutionary products.
Ionfilm patented Anion Silicon membrane technology supported 3C products through SGS EU safety certification and RoHS 50 million product liability insurance.

2017  Ionized Skin Flagship Product.

2017 1st October  Opening Singapore Flagship Store.
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