Guaranteed release about 3,500cc of negative ions per second
Tested and certified by SGS CPSIA and INER
NT 50 Million dollars liability insurance covered by
Tokio Marine Newa Insurance Co. Ltd.

Our state of the art technology combines rare element lanthanum and fashion aspects into a natural, efficient, and stylish way to bring balance to your life. All of our bracelets and necklace are created with great detail and care, leveraging the healing powers of negative ions, which may give you a more balanced body, mind, and soul.
Unique rare element Lanthanum generates negative ions of high concentration that is far more than germanium and titanium elements. Lanthanum generated around 3500cc of negative ions per second and that is the double of germanium titanium elements.
What are ions?
Ions are charged atoms or molecules in which the number of electrons is different than the number of protons. It is charged due to the difference number of protons in the atom or molecule. In other words, an atom can acquire a positive charge or a negative charge depending on whether the number of electrons in an atom is greater or less then the number of protons in the atom.
What Are Positive Ions?
Positive ion has more protons than electrons, but despite their name, positive ions don’t  have a good impact on our health. Most positive ions can be found indoors from things like electromagnetic fields, fluorescent lighting and air pollution. Many studies have shown that positive ions have negative health effects for many people. If you spend a lot of time indoors surrounded by computers, hand phones and other technological devices that produce electromagnetic fields, you could have an unhealthy build-up of positive ions in your body and may experience impaired brain function, fatigue, headaches, poor concentration, low energy levels, nausea and vertigo.

What Are Negative Ions?
If the atom has more electrons than protons, it is a negative ion. Despite its name, negative ions are actually beneficial to our health. Negative ions are abundant in nature, especially in the woods with plenty of green life and places with moving water. Increasing your negative ions can improve your health for a variety of reasons. They can  increase serotonin levels in your body, which improves your mood and balances your mental health, helping combat depression and anxiety. In addition, negative ions can also benefit people with depression and high blood pressure.
But could you bring this effect home with you?

You can now with our new state of the art IEB Bracelets and IEN Necklaces!

Using them can help swing the balance of positive and negative ions in your home or office back towards a more health promoting ratio. Many people are surprised by just how good they feel with more negatively charged rather than positively charged ions circulating in their living space.
Before : Abnormal blood cells
3010 PRO ION TEST 3500 / CC
Release of negative ions per second energy of about 3500 / CC
After : Blood Cells returned to normal in  a environment filled with negative ions
ION Energy Necklaces
3010 PRO Test 3000 cc
Size and specifications
Sixth element negative ion high energy necklace
Product size: 45cm / 50cm / 55cm
Size recommendations: boys 50cm, girls 45cm

Necklace Diameter: 5 mm / Steel Head Diameter: 10mm x 18mm

Necklace Material:
Metal buckle (Appearance: 316 stainless steel, internal: strong magnetic iron)
Necklace - Silicone (embedded rare metal lanthanide)

Warranty: warranty period of 3 months, not valid for damage caused by human factors,
including damages caused by usage under improper operating environment.

IEN Necklaces Features
•  Necklace buckle engraved with SE icon, engraved for the design to prevent counterfeiting
•  Low-key luxury matte finish
•  Necklace silicone surface is fine and smooth to enhance the comfort of wearing
•  Necklace silicone part is 100% waterproof, metal buckle is not waterproof.
•  Unlimited high-intensity negative ion sources
•  Can be worn day and night
•  Suitable for all ages
•  High resistance and durability
•  Guaranteed to release about 3,500 / cc of negative ions per second
•  Tested and certified by SGS CPSIA and environmental radiounclide analysis of INER
    (Institute of Neclear Energy Research).
•  NT 50 Million dollars liability insurance covered by Tokio Marine Newa Insurance Co. Ltd.

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