DTX-7.1 Resonance Tuner

Weight 240g
Patent M 499102
High Compatibility
Easy DIY Installation
IT-300 Test Lanthanides Best ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Generates around 6500cc of negative ions per second!
Lanthanides produce high-powered negative ions and will create quantum field which optimize conduction efficiency to improve channel status and balance resonance. Improve 3D sound image, creating a clear balance between instruments and vocal sound. Reproduce 3D sounds more naturally and with more accuracy.

Application : Use on Pre-Amp, Signal source (CD, DVD). Load Capability 300kg.
DTX-7.1 and DTX-5.1 can be used together.
Reviews and Posters
What is Bad Resonance?

Bad Resonance in short is unwanted vibration. Unwanted vibrations have a serious, adverse impact on the performance of most, if not all, modern audio and video equipment. Cymbals are not nearly as clear, mid range are really harsh, the bass is all muddy and undefined when vibrations occur in electronics equipment. Therefore the reduction or removal of these vibrations can significantly improve the resolution of every system.

Vibration control like soft, resilient feet, spiked feet, cones, isolation bases, turntable suspensions, tube damper rings, etc., are just a few of the many ways manufacturers deal with the vexing problem of vibration control. The effectiveness are limited and
comprise the very nature of our hobby - sound.
Sixth Element  A.I.S. uses state-of-the-art 3D Quantum technology to cancel off the bad resonance and drastically improve the 3D sound image.

Sixth Element A.I.S. uses Rare Element Lanthanum and Quantum Technology to produce high-powered negative ions and a resonance cancelling quantum field. This high powered quantum field will not only cancel off bad resonance, it can also optimize conduction efficiency to improve channel status and balance the good resonance.

Many of our customers feedback a vast improvement in sound quality after using Sixth Element A.I.S products. With Sixth Element A.I.S. you now can enjoy outstanding sound reproduction that are cohesive, balanced, crisp and detailed!.
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